The sun started breaking out from behind the clouds for this sunset on a Sonoma County Beach

 Sonoma County, California Coast

After we left Point Arena, we drove further south on Highway 1, down to a campground in Sonoma County, California. We got there, found a campsite, and headed to the ocean shore with the sky looking promising. On a photography road trip you are at the mercy of mother nature. Capturing the light is what photography is all about. Tonight and tomorrow morning made the trip, the light was gorgeous.

Salt Point State Park, California

I had checked the weather on the way south, not knowing if we would have cell service at the campground. The promise from my Skyfire app was for some color at sunset. We had traveled 170 miles (ca. 274 km) today on Highway 101 and Highway 1. Some sections of Highway 1 you are lucky to average 35 mph (ca. 56 km/h). I always try to scout a new area to find some promising spots, for taking pictures. We had traveled most of the day, with several stops along the way to get here. Now it was close to sunset, no time for dinner it would have to wait. John Wayne was in my head telling me “You are Burning Daylight”. We headed down to the beach, I put on my camera pack, grabbed my tripod and headed out on the trail.

The sandstone along the ocean shore was eroded and looked very interesting with all the patterns. Holes in the sandstone are called taffoni, there was a lot of that here.  Taffoni may come from the Corsican or Sicilian word for holes, taffoni, or from tafonare meaning to perforate (Wikipedia).

The surf was swirling around the taffoni (sandstone erosion) on this Sonoma County Shoreline

In this image the sandstone formation seemed to be pointing me west toward the rocks and the setting sun.

The sandstone formation, with the cracks and grooves leads me toward the west.

The surf was still rolling in from storms a few days ago. I loved the green waves with a little back light, and the color of the sandstone.

Sonoma County Coastline, just before the sun came out from behind the clouds

The sun began to break through the clouds lighting up the rocks and reflecting off the water.

Salt Point Sunset

The large round boulder looks like it was transported here from Bowling Ball Beach, in Mendocino County. However, when we drove past Bowling Ball Beach it was close to high tide and the round boulders were not going to be visible.

The sun started breaking out from behind the clouds for this sunset on a Sonoma County Beach

Photographs from after Sunset

The sun had set and the sky lite up with gorgeous yellow, red and dark purple colors. Between this image and the one below, I could not decide which one I liked best. I think I like the second one better now.

The sun had set, but the colors from sunset were still lighting up the sky

After sunset on the Sonoma Coast!

After sunset on the rocky Sonoma Coast

I had been playing with long exposures at Point Arena earlier in the day. When I looked at this image, it looks like it is a longer exposure than the one from Point Arena.  However, this image is only 3.2 seconds long and the Point Arena image is 10 seconds long.

Long exposure, after sunset on the Sonoma Coast, the rocks on the shore are hidden behind the fog of the waves.

I left the beach with my stomach growling, but my soul refreshed. We got to our campsite, cooked up some dinner in the dark and went to bed. This campground had an old wooden box, that was broken, for storing food. The last few campgrounds had newer metal food boxes. I did not put the cooler inside the pickup. I figured if critters were a problem then they would have had storage boxes that worked. Wrong! We woke up to the cooler getting tipped over, spilling ice, pop and food on the ground. Vicki thought it was pretty funny, after her initial shock, to have a half naked man jump out of the canopy yelling, hissing, and chasing the raccoons around the campsite. We thought we got off without being robbed, but the next night we couldn’t find the main course for dinner…darn raccoons. Next blog report, Salt Point, Trinidad, Ca and Bandon, Or