Blank Note Cards

Blank 5 x 7 Note Cards, ready to frame

The blank 5 x 7 note cards have a  4 x 6 landscape or nature image printed with a black border on 60 lb glossy card stock. The cards are designed to be put in a frame if desired and appear to be matted due to the black border. The cards are folded and each one comes with an envelope. Write your message inside and the person that receives the card can frame the (picture) note card in a 5 x 7 frame.

Any image can be printed on a note card, just select a single image to be printed or 10 different images and let us know which ones you would like. Samples below. Please see the pricing page for ordering information.

The online print order company I am currently using does not handle the blank note cards the way I want them. I will continue to print the note cards myself. Please make a note of what images you would like and I would be happy to print them for you.